Will cover a myriad of mental issues that may make some readers uncomfortable. The game is like mafia, there is a werewolf amongst the villagers who will try to kill someone each night. In this story Ian lives at the Smosh house in Sacramento, Anthony lives in LA at his loft. Sohinki doesn't know how to handle his attraction to guys. In the morning, there will be one less person, and a trial where people decide on who they believe is the werewolf.

AU where Smosh doesn't exist but the crew remains friends.

Courtney and Olivia have been dating for 5 and a half years when Courtney decides she want to pop the question with the help of her friends.

She and the crew plan out a big proposal behind Olivia's back, hopefully it goes to plan and she says yes.

This fic is set to the song “I Choose You” by Sara Bareilles, so I strongly suggest you listen to it while reading or before. It's pretty easy to say you aren't a "one-night stand" kind of girl.

That sort of thing is equivalent to having a foot in two worlds, an incomplete constellation, a hurricane warning.

But in your friend's bed is where you find yourself anyways one morning, and it leaves you desperate for a solution, a re-do button, and an untangled web of emotions.You Tubers Chloe and Lauren move from Manchester to flat in London due to relationship problems , only once they had unpacked some neighbours come to welcome them.What will happen when they realize they are living across the hall from Dan and Phil?Lauren falls deep into depression and spends all her days locked away in her room writing new songs and performing them to her fans online.She has stopped doing videos with Chloe and her personality completely changes, Can Chloe get her help for her broken heart? Daniel's mom left him with Ian when he was 5 months old and she never looked back.Daniel is slowly realizing that most kids have two parents in their life.