........................................................................... At fourteen he was commissioned as a sub-lieutenant in an artillery regiment.

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Also, there is the French Foreign Legion, which will replace Infantry, which share identical firepower and combat effectiveness on the field, but the French Foreign Legion get a 20% boost to combat strength when they fight outside friendly territory.

France has 2 decent infantry units, the Musketeer, which replaces the Musketman, does more damage than the Musketman, and indeed makes it a viable alternative to a person using Longswordsmen, which will be outdated with the advent of rifling.

Enough to discount the 15% increase in policy costs after creating a city.

Anyway, France is pretty powerful in terms of culture, an extra 2 culture per turn might not sound like a lot for a city until you have a large empire, and 2 culture a turn for 40 cities sounds like a fair amount.

On June 6, 1944, British, American and Free French troops landed at Normandy and began liberating France from German occupation.

The French and British were never able to establish a stable defensive line against the crushing German blitzkrieg, and France was overrun in weeks, surrendering on June 22, 1940.

Thus when the Germans decided to invade France they simply bypassed the Line and drove through Belgium.

Unfortunately, for political reasons the French had not extended the Line to the sea, as it would have placed Belgium outside of the defenses, and for their part the Belgians refused to fortify their border with Germany for fear it would anger the Germans.

In historical terms this is an astonishing triumph of common sense and suggests a bright future for France, Europe, and the world." France has probably the longest of histories, but rightfully deserved, besides being surrender monkeys, thank you popular culture.