A definitive history of the British Government's obsession with underground citadels, storehouses, factories, bunkers and command centres since the end of the First World War until the early years of cold-war paranoia World War II German Underground Hospital.These three pages describe the endeavours of the recent principal surveyors of Box Freestone Mine and various other mines in the local area.The Box Freestone Mines (correctly called 'quarries') are found some 10km east of the city of Bath, England U.

This site is an on going collective effort and your contributions of new material and updated information is vital, please contribute. This is a site dedicate to providing information on the remains of WWII airfields and other associated structures that have been left scattered throughout the British countryside.

Over 160 to Underground, Military, Defence and Government Links.

Featuring images and info about aspects of Urban Adventure, drain exploration, college tunnels, abandoned buildings, catacombs and other Urban Exploration around the world.

The Alderley Edge mines in Cheshire, UK, were mined from the Bronze Age (c.

4000 years ago) until the early 20th century Discovering long forgotten places.

Underground, WW2, derelict and abandoned buildings, Ancient sites, quarries and mines.

the zine about going places you're not supposed to go The underground complex at Corregidor Island.

We are a small group of friends who enjoy exploring the secrets of underground Britain.

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