The contents of the journal report research results on the psychological, physiological, anatomical, and engineering design aspects of human beings at work, being particularly concerned with optimizing performance.Research data from developed and developing countries is reported. The International Ergonomics Association The Ergonomics Society Theoretical issues in Ergonomics Science Behaviour & Information Technology Ergonomics Abstracts Ergonomics Abstracts is a quarterly journal which is published in simultaneous print and online editions.This unique resource and reference tool is the result of the on-going, thirty-year plus collaboration between the Ergonomics Information Analysis Centre at the University of Birmingham and Taylor & Francis, the leading international publisher in ergonomics and human factors since 1957.

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Professionals for whom Applied Ergonomics is of interest include: ergonomists, designers, industrial engineers, health and safety specialists, systems engineers, design engineers, organizational psychologists, occupational health specialists and human-computer interaction specialists. Australian Journal of Management & Organisational Behaviour Aims to contribute to the general body of knowledge in management and organisational behaviour by establishing a forum whereby practitioners and academics can share their knowledge, experiences and ideas.

Electronic Journal of Radical Organisation Theory EJROT is a scholarly journal, edited by Professor Clive Gilson from the Waikato Management School (WMS) at the University of Waikato, New Zealand.

The Journal is published at the Web Site of the Waikato Management School.

Editorial Board members were drawn from the Radical Organization Theory network, ROT-L.

Emergence: Complexity & Organization An International Transdisciplinary Journal of Complex Social Systems Emergence is dedicated to helping both practicing managers and academics acquire, understand, and examine new mental models of thinking.

It publishes articles of a qualitative nature relating complex systems, sensemaking, psychology, philosophy, semiotics, and cognitive science to the management of organizations both public and private.

Vedi anche Institute for the Study of Coherence and Emergence.

Ergonomics Ergonomics is an international multidisciplinary refereed journal concerned with all aspects of the interactions of human beings and their work and leisure.

Academy of Management Journal Publishes only original, empirical research as articles or research notes.

In its articles, the Journal seeks to publish work that develops, tests, or advances management theory, research, and practice.

Academy of Management Review A scholarly journal for the organizational sciences published for a global audience by the U. Academy of Management” American Journal of Evaluation The American Journal of Evaluation (AJE) publishes original papers about the methods, theory, practice, and findings of evaluation.