NCIS actress Pauley Perrette alleges that her ex-husband, Francis “Coyote” Shivers, abused her during their 4-year marriage and has conducted a stalking and harassment campaign against her in the 8 years during and since their divorce.

Shivers is currently awaiting sentencing due to a dubious protective order violation that seems like a deliberate set-up orchestrated by Perrette and her current boyfriend.

Unconfirmed reports indicate that she may have been given the diagnoses of bipolar disorder, borderline personality disorder and severe depression during her stay. While together, Perrette claims that Shivers’ first ex-wife, Bebe Buell (more on her shortly), stalked the couple and filed restraining orders against her.

Perrette’s former roommate and best friend (so close the two women have matching tattoos), Lisa Lynch, states in her court declaration that Perrette was the driving force behind the restraining orders against Buell and that Shivers was “reluctant” to file.

Currently, Buell and Perrette seem to have joined forces in harassing and vilifying Shivers.

Shivers filed for divorce from Perrette shortly after discovering she was allegedly having an affair with a “pizza delivery boy” in July 2004.

In particular, I recall her stealing the cat of her ex-boyfriend Daniel Rivas, and then when he wanted to take her to court about this, Ms.

Perrette filled out the paperwork for a restraining order in retaliation.The unlikely alliance between Perrette and Buell is strangely suspect and seems to be a case of “the enemy of my enemy is my friend.” Even more suspect is the outline for a screenplay titled Star Crazy that Pauley admitted to writing in 2002 at the most recent court hearing.Star Crazy pre-dates Perrette’s allegations against Shivers by approximately two years.Reports indicate Perrette initially tried to woo him back and was panic stricken at the possibility of her affair being made public.A former mutual friend, Blair Barnette substantiates this claim in her declaration.Perrette filed her first TRO against Shivers exactly one week after he filed for divorce in December 2004.