And it is necessary to admit that fight with Hollywood for the viewer who has become more young, the Russian and European cinematographers lost on their territories with the devastating account.

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So it would be absolutely natural for modern Indian cinema to show battle of the hero with the robot in one scene, and to let it, or even both, in a dance in the following episode.

Hindus are very careful with their traditions even during an era a web 2.0 and dominations of digital technologies.

There is full order with the last one - there are fair quantity of studios of computer graphics opened over the last ten years, but sometimes they are compelled to give parts of work to other countries because of economic and creative reasons.

video: vfx breakdown Someone from the Indian colleagues visited Ulitka studio’s site and looked at our showreel which included character animation works for movies "Wanted" (rats) and "It wasn’t better the brother" (bees).

They were very pleesed with what they’ve seen, so they decided to arrive to Moscow to get acquainted with us, to see how we work and in general to be convinced that Ulitka – is serious studio" producers even licensed the Hollywood scenario.

In the Indian picture hero also have been killed and then he comes back to revenge the murderer and to protect his beloved from it.

But only in Bollywood version main character is not a ghost, but a fly.

He has no time to revive as human as such reincarnation means a growing, and to become a room fly is quicker and more simply.

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